India’s best-known seekh kebab brand
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Restro review: Bade Miya, Times Of India, May 13, 2012

Why would I drag an internationally acclaimed artist out of his Jehangir Art Gallery show into the street-side kababiya’s brand new Bade Miya’s Mughlai restaurant? Two good reasons: Jaideep Mehrotra’s father set up one of Mumbai’s first Mughlai restaurants in the 1950s. Berrys, located on the main road of Churchgate reigned supreme then and Jaideep grew up telling the difference …


Bademiya Mumbai – street food review : Global Junkiee on May 27, 2012

Asian Street Food – everyone has their own comfort zone – throw the dice and have some fun, or play it safe with hermetically sealed hotel restaurants? Your holiday, your choice, though keep in mind that Mumbai’s Bademiya and its competitors on Tullock Road shoot for a happy medium – super busy street food/resto hybrids with more than a nod towards middle-class …


July 25th 2011, Epicurus Has A New Joint : Outlook Magazine by SMITA MITRA

Understated Greatness The Bade Miyan restaurant at Horniman Circle in Mumbai The familiar refrain of the starving clubbers and the late-night pub-hoppers in Mumbai: “Meet you at Bade’s” will soon be acknowledged by “Which one?” After years of ‘will they, won’t they’ speculating in foodie circles about a fancy version of Bade Miyan, the day of reckoning for the iconic roadside …