Restro review: Bade Miya, Times Of India, May 13, 2012

Why would I drag an internationally acclaimed artist out of his Jehangir Art Gallery show into the street-side kababiya’s brand new Bade Miya’s Mughlai restaurant?

Two good reasons: Jaideep Mehrotra’s father set up one of Mumbai’s first Mughlai restaurants in the 1950s. Berrys, located on the main road of Churchgate reigned supreme then and Jaideep grew up telling the difference between a dum biryani and a pulao. The other convenient reason why I pull him out of a throng of visitors is because Bade Miya is just a few minutes away from Jehangir Art Gallery. “It is located on the curve of Horniman circle” I reason with him “and we will be back jhat pat”.

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