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The Secret recipe

With his guiding principles also a secret masala recipe was bestowed upon his 5 beneficiary sons. The secret recipe till date confidential among his successors. The recipe is unknown to the cooks at the work station .These masalas are blended by his sons. This secret recipe of Masalas i.e blend of many ground spices is what strikes the taste buds of the folks. So authentic blend of these masalas still remains furtive with the Bademiya family to ensure the quality and is the reason that taste remains unchanged since years and by the grace of Almighty, it will remain the same forthcoming years.

download (1)Freshly brought ingredients

What adds on to taste is the freshness of the ingredients. To achieve the apt quality, ingredients such as chicken, vegies, and daily used grocery are bought freshly and not frozen. The ingredients are not on contract basis and in fact it is carefully chosen n bought by the owners themselves. They are bought, butchered, and marinated fresh, while cooked on under the guidance of the owners (and not the cooks). The Main USP related to food at Bademiya’s is that, we do not have a storage area; And so, the Raw Materials are used as soon they arrived, even if they are called post mid-night. The guest entrusts us with their health and we are highly obliged to serve them with more deliberation on quality and their health influencing factor.


Renowned from the kitchen of the Mughals, Biryani originates from Middle-East. Biryani was familiarized in India by Mughal Empire. On basis of its aroma, flavor and spices available on the land, there were many variations of biryani made in India itself. Nevertheless bademiya approaches with the authentic chicken dum biryani, also known as ‘kacche Gosh ki Biryani’ which is to be believed the most classical and typical of all the variations of biryani. Chicken/mutton is marinated with intense blend of ground spices, curd, Birista (caramelized golden brown onions) and many other felicitous ingredients. It is then kept for ‘Dum’ i.e. slow cooking in a sealed pot. Results in a Regally cooked biryani with a taste that can never be understated..